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Food was really nice and fresh. I cannot fault anything
placed by Helen Redhead on the 7th August 2018

Great service every time!

Will continue to use this service
placed by Miss Daniella Fenton on the 2nd August 2018

Good curries

The curries were very nice although I would have preferred the vindaloo to have been a bit more spicier and I felt it had a touch too much of turmeric.
placed by jayraj acharya on the 30th May 2018

Fantastic food

I had 3 guests yesterday who were all new to Clapham Tandoori. All 3 said it was the best Curry they’d ever eaten. 2 meat eaters and 2 vegetarians all very happy and impressed, if I had to critic anything it would be there wasn’t enough poppadoms.
placed by Charlotte Hobbs on the 28th May 2018

Happy with my order

As usual, the food from Clapham Tandoori was great. I did however ask for it to arrive between 8 and 8.15, but it actually came at 7.30. It wasn't a problem, but would have been annoying if I hadn't been at home at that time. Also it would be nice if it was clear whether poppadoms are included - I ordered one but think I got one/two free as I ended up with three, which was too many,
placed by Pippa Kyle on the 28th May 2018

Tasty food and perfect service

Preordered food yesterday and it arrived on time and was fabulously tasty. The whole experience of ordering, paying with Paypal and being able to preorder made it very easy. 10/10
placed by Michelle O'Connell on the 7th May 2018

Great as always!

Amazing food, VERY quick delivery. Happy as always!
placed by Cassie Gledhill on the 23rd April 2018

Tasty but incorrect order

The food was tasty but we didn’t receive the food that we ordered. We got plain naan not garlic naans, and one of our curries was not the one we ordered. Disappointing on that count, but we enjoyed the food and portions were a good size.
placed by Miranda Braddock on the 3rd April 2018

Great food and service

I ordered my food on line. It was easy. The food arrived a head of the estimated time and it was delicious.
placed by Jenny Bolt on the 28th March 2018

Ridiculous rip off & awful service!

I went to Clapham Tandoori (my local) with a group of friends, we wanted an 'all out' meal and ordered a variety of dishes from the menu. The poppadoms you can't fault - the sauces are great and there's plenty to choose from. Starters - don't even bother! My partner had a 'King Prawn Scewer' and got ONE tiny prawn placed in the middle of a plate with limp lettuce and ketchup mayonnaise, I have a 'crab meat' dish to be served a pile of what looked like salsa with a whole mushed up crab buried underneath, I barely touched it. And I love crab! Finally, my friend has the 'chicken momo' to be served 4 halves of a wrap, the driest thing we have ever tasted. Mains came, and at this point we had had rude, awful service, they didn't even talk to us, just nodded, pointed and served us more drinks we didn't even order (which then they charged for at the end!). The main was thrown on the table in front of us and it was good, tasty and we ate about half - but it's such an uncomfortable experience with god knows who wal
placed by Abigail Mackenzie on the 27th February 2018

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